About Radiology Associates

Radiology Associates, located in Templeton, Pismo Beach, and Santa Maria, strives to support their patients by transcending the ordinary with professional and efficient services paired with compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Radiology Associate’s professional relationships with their customers illustrate the high quality of their work and the unrelenting passion towards their patients’ well-being. Their unique market positioning creates a platform for their patients to feel comfortable in a medical environment as well as provide life-saving exams for every
patient that walks through their doors.

Mission Statement

Radiology Associates is the premier provider of full-spectrum, high-quality medical imaging and interventional radiology services for patients, their physicians, and healthcare organizations throughout the Central Coast.

Radiology Associates has provided the most advanced diagnostic imaging services for patients and their physicians on the California Central Coast since 1959.

Vision Statement

Radiology Associates is committed to providing the highest quality of full-spectrum medical imaging and interventional radiology services by:

• Being dedicated to accommodating the scheduling needs and wishes of our patients and referring physicians, providing the highest-quality imaging, and rapidly delivering accurate reports to our referring physicians to enable them to better care for their patients.

• Developing and integrating a regional electronic imaging network that allows for maximum patient comfort and convenience while providing referring physicians with prompt, accurate and immediate access to images and reports.

• Expanding the range, sophistication and geographic availability of interventional radiology services such that Radiology Associates becomes recognized both regionally and statewide as the focus of excellence for interventional radiology services on the Central Coast.

• Becoming the “preferred employer” of health care professionals in the medical imaging field.

Values Statement

In the course of our daily work and as we conduct our business, Radiology Associates is guided by the following values:

• Dignity – respecting the value and worth of every person.

• Collaboration – working together with patients, physicians, other health care providers and organizations who support and share common values and goals.

• Excellence – providing the highest-quality professional and technical service possible.

• Academic training and expertise – hiring and retaining radiologists who have undergone rigorous academically oriented residencies and who have, additionally, obtained fellowship training in a radiologic subspecialty.

• “State-of-the-art” technology and integration – acquiring and maintaining the most advanced and sophisticated medical imaging equipment and infrastructure available.

• Privacy – ensuring patient’s rights to privacy and modesty.

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